Plumbing Training and Courses from Wakefield Skill Centre

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Plumbing Courses

Plumbing Training and Courses from Wakefield Skill Centre

"Learnt a lot of knowledge from instructor, well enjoyed and good practicals. Feel more able to do work and home jobs."

— Kelly Edwards - Plumbing Skills October 2014

We offer a basic Plumbing course, which will teach you the principles of domestic plumbing, a hands on suited for those people either wanting to take up a plumbing qualification or require the skills and knowledge to undertake plumbing tasks at home.

We are not offering this course with a promise of making you a qualified plumber, but to gain experience and knowledge of plumbing to enable you to tackle yours or someone else’s plumbing jobs.
If after completing either both or one of these courses, you may be interested in progressing to one of our Related Plumbing courses:
BPEC Water Supply Regulations
CITB Unvented Hot Water Systems
CITB ACS Domestic Natural Gas Safety Category 3 Part 1