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Published 5th September 2013 by Zoe Green


May I take this opportunity to thank you for your time and efforts in running the massively successful NEBOSH course from March to June.

I hear everyone passed this exam which reflects on your unprecedented skill and knowledge in your field as a NEBOSH tutor.

I hear that the next course you run could possibly be your last. Please tell me this is not true!!!

Don’t retire!!

You are brilliant at what you do and with a record such as yours you should carry on regardless as it must be a fantastic buzz knowing that you have the ability to help others improve their careers.

Not sure if you are aware but I passed too which shows how good you really are because as you know I didn’t revise until the day before the exam so although I may have written the exam it was you that put the knowledge there to allow me to pass.

Good luck in the future. Oh…..and now I know why your son is so knowledgeable. He gets it from you.

Please don’t forget to tell the next candidates how well you did this time….do some bragging….and tell them that all from our course wish them good luck in their exam not that they will need it with a tutor as good as you Richard.

Thanks and all the best


Jonathan Batty

Material Handling Manager